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Watch Live Gurmat Samagams, full length & high quality videos on Baani.Net

July 22, 2009 by admin | Filed under Weblogs.

Baani.Net is an excellent project by a group of Sikhs who aim to broadcast live gurbani, gurmat samagams to every house via internet. So far the team has covered many Samagams in India (Delhi, Punjab) and Russia (Moscow). So we caught up with the sewadars of Baani.Net to know more on this.

baani.net1. When did the project started?

Guru Sahib kindly accepted our benti at Takht Shri Hazur Sahib. Baani.net was started this January, 2009 with Guru Sahib’s grace and a “thapda” from Jathedar Baba Kulwant Singh Ji (Takht Shri Hazur Sahib). Baani.net is ever evolving since then.

2. Why Baani.Net?

Till now internet was full of high quality videos about everything but sikhism. Youtube has some nice videos but either low quality or short length videos. A dedicated platform was required to change the scenario. Baani.Net’s vision of high quality full-length videos served the purpose well. In a nutshell www.baani.net is a platform for Exclusive Sikh Videos and Live Gurmat Samgams

3. Do you offer other services to sangat also?

We currently provide “projectors, screens, recording and live broadcasting sewa” exclusively to gurmat samagams. Chosen videos are then put online for viewers. We wish to put ALL of them online in near future, with a better support.

4. Does Baani.net charges for its services?

No, All the services at www.baani.net are nishkam (free) though current resources are limiting the potential. Current expanses are spent from daswand collected from Baani.net team. I would also like to mention that we do not provide any commercial service.

5. What all is there on Baani.net for e-sangat?

Well, members, on registration with Baani.Net, can upload their recorded videos, mp3, graphics and documents. Integrated blogs make it interactive. We also offers custom Groups/Channels and support many sms groups. Viewers may see some exciting channels in near future.

6. So, What are you future plans for this project?

Baani.net is an ambitious project with vision of a global platform for sikhs to share exclusive videos and broadcast gurmat samagams. Baani.net is running of dedicated hardware and global delivery network with multiple “point of presence”. In layman’s language, a live broadcast is delivered to a viewer from his nearest server. We have planned the next update with lot of enhancements in functionality to current platform. Visitors will also be able to use Baani.net video widgets on their blogs and sites.

7. Can a member do a live broadcast on baani.net ?

We are working on this. Registered members with sound technical knowledge, adequate resources, and strong will to serve the panth, can apply to become a volunteer correspondent. We provide assistance and technology to broadcast Gurmat Samagams from correspondents’ own vicinity.

8. That’s interesting, How is it done and is there such event happened so far on Baani.net ?

We accomplish this tedious task by dedicated team work. Correspondent is trained and supplied with necessary technology and access to Baani.net’s broadcasting nearest server. A www.baani.net admin then works parallel on server to manage the broadcast. We already have appointed first international correspondent who is covering the Moscow(Russia) region. Almost all future samagams in Moscow will be broadcasted LIVE on baani.net

10.Ok it is great to know about Baai.Net and its services, Can Sangat make financial contributions too?

Yes, We welcome and appreciate any amount in this sewa, transactions can be made online using the contribution link on top of baani.net. Every event on baani is started with ardaas for guru sahib’s blessings for Baani team and all the supporters.

10. Anything yo would like to add or say…

We look forward to Guru Sahib’s continued blessings, sangats’ support and asees of gurmukhs round the world. Members can support baani.net by means of spreading the word and placing a link to www.baani.net on their websites.

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