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Commemorating 307th anniversary of great Young Sikh Martyrs

December 26, 2012 by admin | 1 Comment | Filed in News

On the morning of 7th December 1705, the day of the fateful battle of Chamkaur Sahib, Baba Zorawar Singh ji, along with Baba Fateh Singh ji and their grandmother, were taken into custody by Jani Khan and Mani Khan Ranghar, the police official of Morinda. They were despatched on the following day to Sirhind where they were detained and kept in in the Cold Tower (Thandda Burj) of the Fort.

Mata Ji and the Sahibzaadey stayed in the top of the Cold Tower, where there were no four walls to guard them from the winter cold and chill of December. The young children had no extra clothes or blankets to protect them from the winter chill, other than the warmth of listening to Gurbaani and the huddling around their beloved grandmother.

Presented in Court
On 9th December 1705, Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji were produced before the faujdaar, Nawaab Wazir Khan, who had just returned from Chamkaur Sahib with his feudal ally, Nawab Sher Muhammad Khan of Malerkotla. Wazir Khan tried to lure the Sahibzaadey to embrace Islam with promises of riches and honours, but they spurned the suggestion.

He then threatened them with death, but they remained undaunted. Death sentence was finally pronounced. Upon Sher Muhammad Khan’s intercession for the innocent children to be spared their lives, they were given some more time to ponder over the suggestion to convert.

Punished with Death
Baba Zorawar Singh ji and his brother spent another two days of the severe winter in their old grandmother’s lap in the Cold Tower. Still adamant to live and die for the Sikh faith and to never turn their back to Guru Sahib, on 11th December 1705 a ‘fatwa’, religious edict, was issued for the Sahibzaadey to be bricked and sealed alive in a wall. Baba Zorawar Singh ji and Baba Fateh Singh ji were martyrd by suffocating in the sealed wall. The aged Mata Gujari Kaur ji, who had all along been kept in the Cold Tower, only a little distance away, breathed her last while joined in the Simran (remembrance) of Waheguru, as the news reached her ears.

Seth Todar Mall, a wealthy merchant of Sirhind, risked his life by seeking permission for performing the cremation of the three dead bodies of the great shaheeds (martrys) the following day. With Mata Gujri Ji and the younger sons of Guru Ji – Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji – shaheed (martyred) at the tender ages of 5 and 7 the despicable Mughal authorities refused their funeral rites on government land, it was decreed that there funeral rites could only be performed on land bought from Chaudhari Atta.

Not only this, but the land could only be bought by laying gold coins (ashrifs) on the required area, vertically. Todar Mal did not shun his responsibility and laid down the required coins and made arrangements for the cremations and paid the heavy sum of 78,000 gold coins. Maybe he had to beg and borrow to raise the total amount, who knows, but the fact remains this was truly a noble deed. Todar Mal forsaked everything for his love of Guru Gobind Singh Ji , which is the reason why Sikhs hold Devan Todar Mal in such high esteem.

In Loving Memory: Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib
The site of the fateful happenings, since named Fatehgarh Sahib, close to the old town of Sirhind, is now marked by four Sikh Gurdwara Sahibs. A Jorr-Mela, large religious fair, is held there from 25th to 28th December every year to honour the memory of these great martyrs.

Images and Content Source: manvirsingh’s blog

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Shaheedi of Bhai Taru Singh Ji (Jina Singh Singhnia ne dharam het sis dite)

July 18, 2012 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Articles

One day, Rahim Bakhsh, a Muslim fisherman stayed at his house to spend the night. Before going to bed, he talked to Bhai Taru Singh, “The Commander of Patti had forcibly taken away my daughter, when I complained to the Governor about him, he got me thrown out of the court. Nobody listens to the complaints of the poor in this regime.” Bhai Taru Singh said to him, ‘Your complaint has not been listened by the Governor but it has been heard in the house of Guru Nanak. Your daughter will reach you in a few days.”


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Commemorating the martyrdom of Bhai Sahib Bhai Mani Singh Ji

July 11, 2012 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Editorial

Piece by piece, Bhai Mani Singh Ji’s body was cut to bits. Bhai Mani Singh Ji only recited Gurbaani, and it was what he had lived and breathed.

purjw purjw kit mrY kbhU n CwfY Kyqu (Purja Purha Kat mare kabhu na chade khet)
He may be cut apart, piece by piece, but he never leaves the field of battle (Ang. 1105).

Here is a poster(with saakhi/history) on Bhai Mani Singh Ji’s Shaheedi:


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Shaheeda De Sartaj (First Sikh Martyr) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

May 24, 2012 by gurkibani | 1 Comment | Filed in Wallpapers

Guru Arjan Dev Ji (the 5th Guru of Sikhs) is the first sikh martyr who guided all humans to stand for truth. This month of June sikhs will commemorate 405th Shaheedi (Martyrdom)  gurpurab of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.


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Shaheedi Day: Mata Bhag Kaur (Mai Bhago) and 40 mukte

January 12, 2012 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Wallpapers

A group of 40 Sikhs, told Guru Gobind Singh Ji that they were not his Sikhs anymore. This when the enemy had surrounded Anandpur Sahib from all four sides. Mata Bhag Kaur Ji was distressed to hear that some of Sikhs of her neighbourhood had deserted Guru Sahib under adverse conditions and inspired them to repent their mistakes and fight for Sikhi. All 40 sikh along with Mata Bhag Kaur attained Shaheedi while fighting the emeny who was in pursuit of Guru Sahib.

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Shaheedi Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh Ji: Chote SahibZadey

December 25, 2011 by admin | 18 Comments | Filed in Wallpapers

Wallpaper on the youngest martyrs of Sikh Religion and even of the world who stood for truth. How great were these young truth torch bearers who being so small in age (5 and 7 years) accepted martyrdom instead of the fear of death or any worldly pleasure. (more…)

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Shaheedi at Chamkaur: Baba Ajit Singh Ji & Baba Jujhar Singh Ji

December 21, 2011 by admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Wallpapers

Wallpaper on Shaheedi of great sikh martyrs Baba Ajt Singh Ji and Baba Jujhar Singh Ji.


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Commemorating 336th martyrdom day of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji

November 23, 2011 by admin | 3 Comments | Filed in Wallpapers

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji gave an exemplary sacrifice to stop the forceful conversion of Indian Hindus into Islam by Aurangzeb. This was a unique sacrifice and first of its kind when a spiritual leader of one religion (Sikh) sacrificed himself to save the other one (Hindu). Guru Sahib got martyred for the sake of humanity and freedom of people. Let’s all bow to the true guru.

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Punjab Govt. insults Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, portrays him in helmet at Chappar Chiri

November 15, 2010 by admin | 3 Comments | Filed in News

Few months back, Sikhs celebrated the 300th anniversary of Khalsa Raj established by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, a devout Sikh of Sri Guru Gobind Singh. It was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm across the globe by Sikhs.


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Bhai Pinderpal Singh on 1984, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale & Sri Dasam Granth

September 1, 2010 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Videos

On 26th Anniversary of Operation Bluestar Giani Pinderpal Singh Ji bravely spoke on 1984. He spoke on Harmandr Sahib Attack & valor shown by singhs. He also advocated Sri Dasam Granth is an integral part of Sikh Panth and a memorial should be establised in the memory of sikh quam de mahaan shaheed Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.

See the videos (two parts) to know Bhai Pinderpal Singh ji’s full veechar:

Part 1 ( Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV6hbjIGxpU ) or watch below:


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