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Kesh and Chola Sahib of Guru Amar Das Ji

January 8, 2009 by admin | Filed under Photos.

Dashan Karo Ji of Kesh and Chola Sahib of Dhan Sri Guru Amar Das Ji. Nice Photography by a Premi Sikh.
guru amar das ji

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  • Raja Singh

    Please take my views in healthy spirit. I am staunch sikh of Guru Ghar. Many times I went to Goindwal Sahib and saw this. So far as CHOLA SAHIB, it is very nice to preserve such things of Guru Sahiban.
    However, it is not understood how KESH could be preserved because of Guru Hukam in GURBANI:(Cannot be detached from body)


    Hukam in Hukamnamas:

    Please revert back with your comments at my email.

    Chardi Kala

    Raja Singh
    Secy The Sikh House (USA)
    (Indian Chapter)

  • sonu walia

    yes i agreed with this comments u witten as kesh can not be pressrved
    as in sri guru granth sahib does not allow any sikh to leave their kesh.it is a contervercy but i deep beleave in guru granth sahib we should not take it in to wrong way may be the sikh of those days had saved kesh for the sake of gurus mamory thats all

  • http://ritviksingh.cjb.in Anil Singh

    Hi All,

    Please pardon me as I don’t know what is mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. One thing is for sure that the Holy Preserved Kesh is from the times of GuruJi and it has some importance as well. It has seen and felt the Holy body of GuruJi. It is out of Love sikhs may have kept it. We should give more importance to the teachings and guidelines given by Gurus. They never wanted their pictures or any belongings to be kept by their followers. The Holy Gurus never claimed to be God and always asked their sikhs to meditate only on One GOD (Satnam Shri Waheguru).

  • http://www.yahoo.com sukhchain Singh

    Dear above Veer ji,

    Wahegur ji ka khalsa Wahegur ji ki fateh,

    Pardon me if I am wrong, The kesh of the Guru or Sikhs can not be detatched from the body, but this is true also that while combing the hair, some of the hair may get detatched, so that’s not a big deal. These holy hair of Sri Guru Amar Dass Ji must have been reserved by some contemporary sikhs. Such an incident is also mentioned in the history that Peer Budhu Shah was standing and Guru Gobind Singh ji had just combed his hair, Guru Gobind Singh ji was very happy on the help peer ji has offered in the fight against the mughals. Guru ji asked Peer ji to demand something from Guru ji, as he is very happy over him. Peerji demanded nothing but the Kangha(holy comb) of Guru ji. Guru ji gave him the kangha with some hair strangled in it.
    So that’s how hair could have been preserved.


  • Gurkirat Singh Ahluwalia

    Dear Commenters,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    I Think Sukhchain Veerji is having THE MOST APPROPRIATE RAESON …………………So We Shud comply with him tose may be the holy kesh of our guru………..