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25th Anniversary of the 1984 Genocide of Sikhs

June 6, 2009 by admin | Filed under Articles, News.

golden_temple_akal_takhatOperation Blue Star(3–6 June 1984) was an Indian military operation ordered by Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India and other radical Hindu Organisations to dismantle sikh faith and religion.

In the name of removing Sikh separatists the operation was carried out by Indian army troops with tanks and armoured vehicles on Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar.

To humiliate Sikhs to the maximum extent the central place of sikhs was put under sacrilege and mortar shells were being fired on Akal Takht Sahib.

The operation aroused immense controversy, and the government’s justification for the timing(on Martyrdom Day of 5th Sikh Guru when 1000s gather at Sri Darbar Sahib) and style of the attack are still under debate.

Tens of thousands of innocent Sikh men, women and children were brutally slaughtered, shot, run over by tanks, raped, mutilated, tortured, starved and burned to death across Punjab at Darbar Sahib and dozens of other gurdwaras.

Operation Bluestar was included in the Top 10 Political Disgraces by India Today magazine. The impact of the military assault, its aftermath and the increased tensions led to assaults on members of the Sikh community within India and uproar amongst Sikhs worldwide.

In India, many Sikhs resigned from armed and civil administrative office and returned their government awards.

Revenge for the desecration of the Sikh shrine was pledged by some in the Sikh community, and Indira Gandhi was assassinated by 2 of her Sikh bodyguards on 31 October 1984.

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  • karamjeet singh

    It is an amazing site which enlightens various aspects of sikh history. It also focuses on important sikh issues including operation Blue Star of Indian Army.

    I would like to suggest to kindly include the religional part strongly so as to stop transfer of our sikh youth from Sikhism to other religions. Innovative steps to be designed and implemented to develop a feeling of respect for Kesh amongst the new sikh generation.

  • charan jeet singh

    wahe guru ji ka kkalsa wahe guru ji ki fathe menu apni com waste kuch karna he jab bhi humri com ke sath he ku hua ji

  • B_en_1234

    You have clearly exaggerated the extent of damage!

  • mps87

    Hello Ben,

    Its the real truth. Read history and find yourself

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